Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Bed time cuteness

Tonight after the normal bed time routine, Emily decided that she would read to me, rather than me read to her. She picked this book. She read the title, and then pointed to the author and said, "by... Mom, who is this guy again?" So I told her the author's name, and then she was off reading me the book! Of course she had much of it memorized, but the part about the "bees in the peas" she didn't remember, so she looked at the picture for a moment, and finally got that line too! I was seriously amazed at her. Just that she remembered the predictable text to get words like "rousted" and "figs" really surprised me.

Of course I had to get Daddy so she could read the book again for him, which she proudly did!

Then after we tucked her in bed we went in the other room for a few minutes before she got up and wandered in with us. "I really want my rooster" she said with a smirk. I had no clue what she was talking about, but Scott did. Apparently when they cleaned her room last week they removed "baby" toys. The stuffed rooster was one of them, and it was very apparent that Emily was using a prime stalling technique so that one of us would be compelled enough to get into the attic where it is stored and fish it out form the rest of the stuffed baby toys. No. Such. Luck. Scott laughed hard and told her to get back in her room. Stalling has become a regular pattern around here. Sometimes it is rather comical what she will try.

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