Saturday, November 08, 2008

Two favorite views

After Sarah and Justin took pictures of their workspaces, I thought maybe I would do the same. But I don't really have a desk in my classroom. (takes too much space!) So that won't work.

But this morning I thought of a place where I could take a picture and surely call it my "space." The back table on our patio. This is where I do my bible study in the summer, but with highs close to 80 the past couple days, I was able to enjoy it this morning too. The trees are gorgeous! We got lots of rain this year, which made the colors much more vivid than I remembered from last fall. This is my view from the table.
And of course I snapped this picture of Emily this morning. While sitting at the desk in the office she walked in and asked me to take her picture. So I guess you could say this is the view I get while blogging. Thanks to Miss Emily the Great. At your service to help with all your needs! (and she even can unload the flatware from the dishwasher!!)

** and yes, that is her fearsome dog Dakota at her toes... always ready to back her in danger! (or eat a fallen crumb!)

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