Sunday, November 09, 2008

A new obsession

Having twins will obviously make an impact on our budget. I am already looking for ways to be frugal, and wanted to share my new find with you. It really has become a new obsession!

The site is called The Grocery Game and it lists all of the specials for multiple grocery stores. The founder has researched the sale cycles for the different markets, and has come up with a brilliant list for each grocery store. The idea is that you buy things when they are at the "rock-bottom prices" and stock up so you don't buy them during the times when they are not on a sale cycle.

After the new market sale circular comes out, the site posts a new list of everything on sale for that store. It is color coded- black is "okay price" blue is the "rock-bottom" price, and green is free! It lists the item with the sale price, and then tells you exactly what coupon to use. (Coupons from the Sunday paper)

Every Sunday after church I log on and bring up three different lists for my three grocery stores. I click on the items I want, print the list, and then find the appropriate coupon and clip them to the list.

Today I went to my three stores and spent a total of $90. I saved over $30 dollars in coupons, and over $75 in market specials. The amount of groceries I got for the money was astounding. And after my third week of doing this our pantry, fridge, and freezer are very full, so I am saving time by not needing to run to the grocery store because we aren't out of things! I am so proud of my savings that I put the receipts on the fridge! :)

If anybody wants to try it, email me and I will give you the information. It does cost $10 for eight weeks, but offers a trial period for $1. But obviously I think it is worth it if you are willing spend about 2 hrs. a week actually using it. Becky and Jay tried it today. I hope that others will find it useful as well! :)

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