Sunday, November 23, 2008

Road Trip!

This may be our only chance in a long time to take a car trip, and with gas prices at $1.65/gallon we couldn't pass it up! So off to Arkansas we go for Thanksgiving! My grandparents moved there from CA about two years ago, and they just completed a major renovation of their house, so they are set for us to come visit!

We plan on leaving right after school is out on Tuesday, and driving through Atlanta for dinner, and crashing at a hotel for the night in Birmingham. Then we are off to drive another eight hours or so on Wednesday until we got to their house in Arkansas. We will stay Wed, Thurs, and Fri night and head home on Saturday morning.

Emily is a great traveler. We will load up the car with her leapster, DVD player, crayons, and I wrapped up some cheap dollar tree toys and let her open one every couple of hours when she gets restless. We did this for our Disneyworld trip last summer, and she was a champ!

I hope everybody has a great Thanksgiving, and if you are traveling, that you travel safe!

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