Saturday, December 13, 2008


I can't wait to until we get to my parents house for Christmas. My dad just started this new schedule where he works fourteen straight days, and then gets seven days off in a row. He managed to start the fourteen so that his seven days just happen to be the week we are there. I couldn't be more thrilled! And since Mindy is a full-time nursing student, her work schedule is sporadic around her classes. She will be also be home the entire week.

But one thing that happens every year when we visit is many friends and family members (not my parents so much, but other out-layers) try to persuade us in to moving back. So this year I want to be one up on everybody and list my top five reasons why we love to call South Carolina home right now.

1. The forrest is just beyond our back fence. Deer, wild turkeys, oppossums, raccoons, and all of God's beauty we get to see every day.

2. Have I ever told anybody that I love my job? :)

3. Scott's support with professionals at his school site and the university. We couldn't have asked for anything better.

4. I'm not worried about Emily going to school and being subjected to sight sound and spelling cards as a Kindergartner. Pedagogy is everything

5. Having four definite seasons is sure nice!

6. People are kind in the South. Not that they aren't in other places in our nation. But people just care about others in a way that makes this place unique.

7. The final reason is that flying in to visit family, or having family fly in to visit us makes those visits so special. And when you look forward to seeing your loved ones as much as we do it makes every moment a blessing that isn't taken for granted.


Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

Okay, so that was seven reasons. I may edit the post to add a few more throughout the day!

Meesh Hays said...

8. BBQ.
9. Fireworks in the street.

Adam said...

No way Meesh, we have 8 and 9 in Cali and they're awesome.

And just remember, the muggy and the bugs are not as bad out here.

Adam said...

And pretty soon we'll have Jay and Becky and Justin back. ;)

Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

How are you going to get Jay Becky and Justin back!?!?

And the thing about the fireworks are the non-existent restrictions... which I don't particularly care for. We have a certain unattended child in our neighborhood who likes to light them off whenever he feels like it. Drives me insane!

Adam said...

We're getting them back by telling them that we're getting you all back. Shhhhhhh...