Friday, December 12, 2008


Several things to update on:

1. First of all, Emily is still sick with a high fever. That "ear infection" I was so confident about turned out to not exist. Probably some viral thing which stinks because we have to wait it out rather than medicate. And everybody knows how I feel about waiting for anything!

2. The Babies! I went to the doctor Tuesday and since she couldn't tell the difference between the two heart beats on the fetal monitor, she decided I needed an ultra-sound. Darn! :) I asked the tech if she could tell what they were, but one was literally placing the little hands over itself, and the other she thought could be a boy, but then she thought it was a girl. She finally said that it is a little more obvious if it is a boy, so that makes me think it is a girl. I would love to have one of each, for no other reason than I think it is only fair that Scott should have to take somebody to a public restroom ! Being patient about this is so hard! (see above!)

3. Since last Saturday's restaurant cuss storm we have found a better restaurant that serves my favorite craved food: Spicy chicken wings! So that is that. No more going to the cuss barn for dinner with Emily.

4. Headaches-- man do they stink! Maybe this is God trying to teach me empathy for Scott when he gets migraines. I am learning to control them better with chiropractic care, and when all else fails my doc gave me a wonderful sedative/pain reliever called fioraset. I'm not ever too keen on pills, but these are a life-saver!

5. We leave for California 12/21. We can't wait! Emily keeps talking about sitting on her Papa's lap to watch a movie and eat popcorn. Personally, I can't wait for the food! Scott and I have a mental list of all the great restaurants that we don't have here, and I can't wait to go to a few of those!

** Looks like we should make it to Fresno at least over night. We're hoping to see Paul and Mary of course, but maybe we can get together with friends too! It may be a Monday though if anybody's up to it.

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