Monday, December 08, 2008

My 3 year-old doesn't cuss, thanks!

Last Saturday night Scott and I took Emily to the Bethlehem Experience at a local church. Basically it is a drive-through of scenes from the night Jesus was born, complete with volunteers dressed up and preforming the jobs of the time. Before we went to this event, we decided to eat at a restaurant right across the street.

This restaurant is a family place, and Saturday proved no different. There were many families with children, I'm guessing many of which had the same idea about eating there before going to the church event across the street. But what also was going on this same night was the Florida vs. Alabama SEC championship game.

There is a bar in this restaurant that had many couples sitting around it watching the game. No problem, right? Well, this one drunk guy starts yelling "You suck" every time Tim Tebow is shown on the screen. (which was a lot of times, obviously.) That was annoying to me because this cute little Tebow character is such a sweet boy, or so it seems to me, and regardless of that, he obviously doesn't suck, and won the Heisman as a sophomore to prove otherwise. But whatever. Crazy Alabama fan, right? Well then it wasn't just him. Another guy who obviously was rooting for Florida began yelling things like, "get the little b*&O&rd! Rip is head off!" THen there was a "bad call," as defined by the other man who yelled, "What the F*&%!" and "Holy ____!"

So I guess we didn't know what to do. We were really annoyed at the jerks who obviously had no respect for the dozens of children in the establishment, and the manager who I felt let the "you suck" comments continue, which allowed the further cussing to escalate. But the large bar in this place with the huge TVs were obviously in place so that these guys could watch their game and drink their beer.

Well, as we walked out I just politely let the manager know that we would surely think twice about coming back on a Saturday, because we weren't sure what environment we would get... this night being so different from the other Saturday nights we had been there.

I guess what I am wondering now is if restaurants that are toted as "Family Restaurants" have different rules that apply when major games like that are on? Should we have been more aware of the situation before we went in, by connecting the large bar and TVs to potential drunk jerks with foul mouths? Or should they have been told by the management to be quiet in order to preserve the peace of the "family restaurant?"

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