Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Time to whine

I'm at home today from school. I have had headaches for the past week that get so bad that all I can do is lay around in bed from about six or seven on. This morning I woke up with another headache, and called in a sub so I can get some tests done at my doctor. I'm praying it isn't gestational diabetes or high blood pressure. I have tried all sorts of things, but they haven't worked. And I feel horrible for missing another day of work.

Nothing is done around the house except for what Scott has done. I feel like such a whiner, and those who know me well know that the one thing I can't stand is whining! So what does that say about me? :) I'm miserable to say the least.

I have all sorts of things that I need to catch up on at home while I wait for the appt, but there is no way they will get done. I think I am going to lay in bed and watch the Today show and hope the throbbing goes away soon.

We have some great Thanksgiving pictures but I will have to post them later.

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