Sunday, March 15, 2009

10 + 1 thoughts on the weekend.

1. Friday night we had dinner with some great friends at one of my favorite restaurants. The she-crab soup didn't disappoint, and it was great to catch up with friends.

2. Friday night after dinner Emily "got sick" all the way from her bedroom, down the hall, and into her bathroom. Which leads me to two thoughts: I will never confidently know when Em has the flu, and when she just needs to empty her stomach and start over. I'm glad we own a carpet shampooer.

3. Emily went to a friend's birthday party on Saturday. I had only met these parents once, and found them delightful. They were so mellow, and their beautiful home was very "lived in." I could tell the mom didn't run around and clean like a crazy person before the party, but rather enjoyed her Saturday morning with her kids. I need to learn to be more like this woman.

4. We took a trip to the outlet mall Saturday afternoon. Specifically we were looking for infant crib bedding at the Pottery Barn Kids outlet. What a bust that was. The only thing I found were two crib bumpers that would go perfectly with what I want to do in the nursery, but they were $129 each!?! Seriously, everything else in the entire place was cheaper than Target for bedding, but it wasn't what I wanted. On a better note, Emily make out like a champ at the Carters, Osh Kosh, Children's Place, and Stride Rite outlets. We got some great deals in those places.

5. I went to church with Emily by myself... something I rarely do. With national boards deadline quickly approaching, Scott got in a groove and decided to stay home to type in a quiet house. It was weird sitting by myself, and it make me realize how hard it is for so many moms to bring their kids to church without their husbands.

6. I played another round of the grocery game today. I will never get over the thrill of watching my grocery bill go from $142 to $68. Today was a great grocery shopping day.

7. Goodbye second trimester. It seems like the moment I hit week twelve I got over the being tired, and life returned a little toward normal. I've made it well beyond the "point of bedrest" with Emily's pregnancy, and am going strong. Other than the pneumonia I dealt with, I have had very few problems throughout my second trimester and I am grateful.

8. The third trimester: Let the discomfort begin. I sometimes have to remind myself that I am hauling around and growing two people. Both are already over 2.5 lbs, which is wonderful that they are so healthy, and growing at the same rate. My belly sometimes moves in earthquake-like waves that are extremely crazy to see.

9. Due date: I'm still teaching every day, and though my principal says he'll be thrilled if I make it to spring break (April 6) I plan on making it to at least May 1. So far we have no reason to think that I won't. We were thinking that maybe I could go to 38 weeks, which would put me at delivering around June 1. (I was shooting for this date because I would be able to make it to Emily's dance recital on May 29). But my doctor says that the babies would be over 8 lbs each by that point, and there is no way I would be able to carry them that big.. there would be no room. So looks like the c-section is scheduled for May 15.

10. Emily refers to the babies as her "little girl" or her "little boy." I love this. While we were shopping we picked out some onsies and things. She walked around Carters saying things like, "Oh how cute! This would be perfect for my little boy!" We got a onesie for each baby that says "I'm the little brother" and "I'm the little sister." Scott thought these would be perfect for them to come home in from the hospital. I love to hear Emily excited about her new siblings. She is so darling.

11. Now it is dinner time. After my exhausting grocery shopping trip that my nap didn't fully help to recover, I'm very thankful for the frozen lasagna I threw in the oven. The buzzer just went off. Yummy. Easy. Perfect.


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MAlissa- I can hear your voice in this blog:) May 15 is a wonderful date. I happen to have a beautiful girl that will turn 8 on this May 15. Prayers to you!- Maria Dea

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