Friday, March 13, 2009

Weather inspired taste buds

I've always had this thing with music that went with the seasons. I know I've talked about this before, and Heather probably remembers my fascination with Fat Boy Slim and summer. And Travis and Radiohead in winter.

And my comfort food correlates with the weather. Give me a rainy day, and I'll prepare you an awesome pot roast and mashed potatoes.

But this past two weeks are weather has been all over the map. We had a "snow" day one weekend, only for Emily's birthday party to be beautiful and 82 the next. Now we're back this weekend to the cold and rain. I put some stew meat on in the crock pot on Thursday thinking it would be cold and rainy, and it was still warm and pretty. Well shoot. I can't eat a stew when it is 80 outside?!? That is just crazy talk!

And now today it is very cold, and all I keep thinking about is the she-crab soup that I will order when we go to Copper River Grill with friends tonight. Seriously, it was the promise of this soup that got me through the bitter-cold day.

When did I become such a weather-inspired eater? Its not like we're talking about summer vs. winter vegetables.


Jenny said...

That She-Crab soup is so good. I hope to go to that restaurant with you again someday.

Monticore said...

MMM crab soup me love. Also I remember Sublime being your summer jam.