Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Tonight during dinner Scott was telling me about something that happened in his classroom. When there was a lull in our conversation Emily randomly asked, "Why do we have a throat?" So we exchange glances, and proceed to explain that a throat is for carrying food to our belly and air to our lungs.

Scott and I continue our previous conversation and again there is a lull. Again Emily speaks, continuing where she left off with her previous question, "well... because I swallowed a yellow jewel the other day. I keep looking in the toilet, but its not there." Scott and I question her, and say something about not putting things in our mouths, choking, etc. Then we thought the conversation was over.

Then after dinner Emily looks at me and says, "Maybe I should check my lungs?"

It is then that I realize she is super concerned that if the yellow jewel wasn't found in the toilet (which I'm impressed she understands that connection to her belly) then it must be in her throat, since Scott and I told her job of the throat is to carry to the belly and to the lungs.

Too funny. Very insightful, yet hilarious. I love toddlers. When they explain themselves they make total sense!

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edluv said...

how big was the jewel?