Monday, March 30, 2009

Emily's birthday party pics

Emily turned four on March 7th. It was a Saturday, and made for a perfect backyard birthday, complete with perfect weather, and a Backyardigans theme. Emily had five friends over. We ate pizza, jumped in the bounce house and trampoline, played in the sandbox, and hit the pinata.

Now this may make Emily and odd-ball, but she is the one four-year old I know who still takes a nap. The party ended at 1:30 (right when her nap begins) and she was already pulling blankets to go to sleep. Ahhhh yes. She was out like a light and slept hard!

It was a good day for Miss Emily Grace!


Katie said...

She looks so much like you Malisa, I can't believe it! Very cute.

edluv said...

did you put the tuna in the pinata?