Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Turns out third time may be the charm! Today is such a better day after starting my third antibiotic yesterday. I still can't breathe in deep without a coughing fit, but I feel much better. Emily has a mild fever, and Scott is taking her in to the doctor this afternoon for what we suspect is either a sinus infection or ear infection. Some antibiotics and she should be fine.

Since she was up a lot last night, Scott stayed home from work today to take care of us. That was great, because I haven't even been able to take care of myself really, and Emily really needed somebody to take care of her too. Scott make sure everybody got their medicines, fluids, and warm blankets before we were adequately comforted for naps. Then he got busy picking up and cleaning the house. Boy am I thankful!

On a funny note, I was catching some news on T.V. this afternoon, and scrolling along the bottom was this headline: "Megan McCain blames presidential campaign for her diminishing love life." Apparently there is a story on this on cnn.com

I will go check it out... I'm bored and it sounds amusing!

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Jenny said...

I'm so sorry that Em is sick now too! I hope this antibiotic works for you and your family gets back on its feet. Yeah for Scott!