Monday, March 02, 2009

Weekend Reflections

We had a "snow day" today, so the work week doesn't really begin until tomorrow. Here are my reflections from a weird weekend...

- Mom being sick is good for dad and his daughter. Scott and Emily were pretty much on their own all weekend since I was in bed. This allowed Dad to take care of the mundane tasks that I normally do. Some highlights were the obvious jungle adventure (previous post) and the "matching tattoo" of a caterpillar on Emily's right upper shoulder. Oh, and I can't forget the peaut butter, jelley AND banana sandwich he let Emily make by herself.

- Being allergic to penicillin is not cool. I began my third antibiotic today in hopes that it will clear up my sinus/repiratory/ear infection before I have to be admitted to the hospital to treat me for pneumonia. It would help if I could take a heartly dose of penicillin.

-Seeing the growing babies never gets old. I love ultrasounds, and since we're having twins, every visit promises an ultrasound. I love it! Right now both the baby boy and baby girl are reasuring 2 lbs. This is bigger than an average singleton baby.

- I would hate to be a weather forecastor.
We were told by several news sources (Including the national weather service)to expect up to 5+ inches of snow. The schools all canceled school for Monday, only for us not to even get a single flake.

- The Neti Pot is my friend. So gross, but works so well.

- Starburst jellybeans are the best stuff every! And the babies both love sweet sugar. I ate a handful and they started moving like crazy. Scott could see my tummy rumbling around and he thought it was quite weird. The were really moving and kicking.

- I really hope to get to school Thursday.
Pray that the meds keep me well!

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