Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Babies could possibly be here tomorrow :)

This afternoon I called my doctor because we've been concerned for a bit about the lack of movement from our baby girl. Today there was literally no movement from her, and so when I called and told my doctor this she said to come in just in case. They did a non-stress test, where they hook me up to external monitors to trace each baby's heart rate. Both babies had great heart rates, but there was still little movement from baby girl. So they decided to do an ultra-sound in the office. Basically the ultra-sound test is called a BPP where they look for eight specific movements, and to "pass" both babies need to show all eight movements within thirty minutes. Baby boy did great, and got all movements right away. Baby girl only got 4/8, which automatically got me a one way ticket across the street to the hospital.

When we got to the hospital my doctor wanted me to be hooked up to monitors to make sure that both baby's heart rates didn't drop during contractions. They told me that if I didn't have contractions on my own, that they would induce contractions with pitocin. That kinda freaked us out because that would send me in to labor, and would mean a c-section this some time tonight. Luckily, I had plenty of contractions on my own, and we were able to by-pass being induced.

Now we wait to make sure both babies do well tonight, and tomorrow morning at 7 am my doctor will do another BPP test with ultra-sound. If baby girl doesn't get all eight movements, my doctor will take the babies tomorrow morning via c-section.

I will be 35 weeks on Friday. I'm glad that we've made it this far, but we really wanted to make it to 36 weeks, as this is when twins are considered "full term." But, everybody says that 34 weeks is great for twins. We're a little nervous, but also very excited. Of course, she could pass with flying colors, but so far this evening she hasn't moved on the monitors at all. This doesn't mean anything is wrong, but my doctor would rather be safe than sorry. She's probably just so low and cramped that she can't move!

Anyhow, the big news is that Scott and I have FINALLY decided on names for both baby girl and boy. We've had Elias David (Eli) picked out for our little boy for months now, but just tonight we finally decided on Elsie Faith. Maybe tomorrow we will get to meet these two precious babies. Maybe not! :) Either way, Scott and I are hanging out in the hospital room, and Emily is at Lori's house. We'll see what happens in the morning!


Justin said...

we'll all be waiting anxiously to hear.

Mrs Lefty said...

I love both the names that you have chosen for the twins. That is so exciting for you two. I am sure Emily is so excited to see her brother and sister.

Jenny said...

I excited for you guys and I really hope everything goes well tomorrow. I can't wait to hear!

Sam said...

Oh heck, Elsie and Elias are just too cute for twins names!

A good friend had her twins at 34 weeks and while they spent a bit of time in the NICU, they are chubby, happy and healthy as can be 9 months later!