Monday, April 27, 2009

Something I accomplished while sitting down...

Cloth baby wipes

Thanks to Becky for this great idea! Scott and I have decided to do cloth diapers, but I was leery about cloth baby wipes. After talking with Becky and doing a little internet research, this was my project this afternoon.

One of the things Scott and I felt we "just had to have" with Emily was a diaper wipes warmer. Now I am using this wipes warmer to keep some of the older nastier baby wash clothes from Em in a solution I found on the internet. I think it will work quite nicely, and if I am already washing diapers, what's a few more cloth wipes?

2 C. water
1.5 T. Baby Oil
1.5 T. Baby Lotion
1 T. Baby Wash
2 drops lavender oil


duble-u said...

poopy poopy poopy

Sam said...

Very cool!

And I have to say, something about those colorful stacks of cloth diapers makes my obsessively organized self smile =)

Olive Oyl said...

My hubby and I are really wanting to use cloth diapers for our next little one... can't wait to see how your journey goes and all the tips and hints you can give to all of us who will be "newbies" while you will be well practice with TWO little bums to cloth diaper! :)