Friday, April 10, 2009


Today could be described as "hostile." Scott and I have had three things going on today that just aren't pleasant.

First of all, is our van. One of the automatic sliding doors has never worked right and the dealership has had the car for three days now. They think they know how to fix it, but have literally taken apart the entire inside to replace an electrical componant. That part won't be in until possibly Tuesday, and they don't want to put the car back together until it is replaced. Mind you, our van is only two years old, and this is the eighth time we have brought it in for this issue. Yes, that's right. Eight times. I'm not saying its their fault... they are doing everything they can. But it is their product. So I asked them for a rental. They said no at first, but eventually saw my point (EIGHT TIMES!?!?) and I am now a not-so-proud drive of a Ford Focus. Oh well. I'm thankful for that.

Then there is the insurance hassle. I didn't personally notify my insurance company that I was pregnant until I was in my second trimester. Therefore, I will now be assessed a "penalty" that allows no out of pocket maximum, and will charge me for the first $200 for every service I receive while in the hospital having the babies. Never mind the documentation that I have showing that my doctor's office contacted them on 10/15/08 and received confirmation FROM THE INSURANCE COMPANY stating that I am in fact covered. So I got to write a wonderful letter of appeal today.

Finally, there is the medical and childcare reimbursement claim that we have. Basically this is a program that takes money straight out of my paycheck before taxes to reimburse us for childcare and medical expenses. Some how the company representatives are "unable" to receive emails from us containing the PDF claim forms and documentation that would reimburse us for over $700 of expenses. Four phone calls and seven emails later, still no luck.

Scott jokingly said the dealership probably added the word "hostile" next to my name in the computer. You know, I feel hostile today. But if we get these issues worked out, that would be great. (deep breath)


Anne said...

Hey Malisa!! Girl, do NOT even get me started on insurance filing and the reimbursement thingy! I am so sure those two places have a much stronger word than "hostile" next to my name in the computer! However, I was persistant, and all insurance and reimbursement issues were worked out to my satisfaction. Talk about a deep breath! Good Luck! Glad to see you are feeling well. Anne :)

Sam said...

We have a medical flex plan thingy with our insurance this year and it has been the biggest pain in the neck! Rather than reimbursing us, we have a debit card that we can use...seemed convenient at first, but they keep asking for more verification so we're constantly calling or going back to get more documentation.

I'm not sure if it's worth the hassle, but I definitely understand those hostile feelings! I think 8 times would be way past my hostile limit =)

Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

Scott started researching the South Carolina "lemon law" last night, and we realized that we really may qualify. Its sad, because I really do love my van, but this issue is not going away. I am still driving the "funky Ford Focus" as I like to call it. We're going on day seven w/o our car. Oh well. I'm VERY thankful they agreed, and put us in a rental, even if it is a small car.