Thursday, April 09, 2009

This week's Emily-ism

On Sunday we went to second service like normal, but ran in to a friend (my doctor actually) after the service. By the time we were finished chatting the third service had started, and in the lobby they were frantically trying to get people to take some of the donut holes that they obviously didn't want to keep.

I took one from the nice lady, and Emily I told Emily she could get one too. She did, but was uncharacteristically timid about it. We walked out the door as I popped mine into my mouth, and Emily just held hers. As we walked to the car where Scott was waiting I told her to take a bite. I told her it was just like a small donut.

A look of relief swept across her face with a smile and she said, "Oh! I thought that lady was trying to get me to eat a rock!"

Oh Emily. She constantly keeps us laughing!