Friday, April 24, 2009

Is this how you sleep?

Emily has always been a napper. In light of yesterday's lunch-bunch episode (see yesterday's post and updated comment) I thought I would share some recent pictures that showed Emily's ability to literally sleep anywhere. She plays long and she plays hard. Where she passes out to sleep is sometimes your guess as well as mine.

The first is from last night. She had a very full afternoon. First she had a drumstick with her daddy on the front porch, then she played slip and slide with her dear friend "Jofus" (Joseph) on the front lawn while daddy pulled weeds. She played with my friend's puppy until bath time, and then went straight to sleep when she hit the bed. Sometimes you're just too exhausted to move!
The next picture is a little hard to see. This is the box that the babies' dresser came in. Emily played with it for a full week, and on this day she curled up and took a nap in her box. Scott and I laughed pretty hard when we found her passed out inside, with the front "door" closed.

Here are some other favorites from long ago:

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