Friday, April 24, 2009

Yucky Dinner

Tonight I decided to make a new recipe for dinner. Basically it was your traditional mexican casserole that layered flour tortillas between a ground beef mixture and refried beans. It called for chopped green peppers, olives, diced tomatoes, and lots of other yummy things that seemed to promise a good meal.

I made the mistake of using ground turkey.

Now normally when I use ground turkey it tastes just fine. But this was absolutely awful. Even the topped shredded cheese and dollop of sour cream couldn't disguise the awful flavor.

Poor Scott wasn't going to say a word, but as soon as I made a comment about how I didn't like it, he looked so relived that I said it and not him.

Here's the thing. Making dinner takes a lot more effort than it normally does. Quite honestly it takes just about everything out of me these days. Team that up with the time I spent and the ingredients that were wasted, and I burst in to tears.

So now I have red eyes, and a family who is still very hungry with no dinner to serve. Looks like we're hitting a drive-thru.

Anybody else have a dinner flop like this? What a bummer, huh?


Meesh Hays said...

glad i didn't stick around...

sorry the turkey was a flop. did you hit the new taco bell to make up for it?

Olive Oyl said...

I lurk on your blog a lot... but tonight I just had to come out of the woodwork. :) I've had SO MANY dinners flop it isn't funny. We have eaten a lot of cereal over the past three years when my dinner just didn't cut it. Last weekend I cried too when something I made didn't work out. I had been so looking forward to it and it just died right there in front of me and it totally made me emotional.

A few nights ago I asked my hubby to go pick up take out at Los Hermanos... he just looked at me silent and you could practically hear a pin drop. Finally he stutters, "but... but we NEVER get take out." I was so desperate I didn't care what we ate, as long as it wasn't what I had cooked!!! :)

Sorry it didn't turn out. :( Hopefully you'll have better luck making it with ground beef next time!

Sam said...

When Tom and I were first married, I found this recipe for a muffalata that looked soooo good...almost $40 worth of ingredients later, we had a really large, vinegar and zucchini filled sandwich in the garbage and I was in tears. Bad, bad, bad.

Tom thinks anything with ground turkey always has a weird aftertaste, so I switched to ground chicken. We all like it a lot better and now I do notice a weird taste with ground turkey.

Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

If only we had Los Hermanos as an option last night! I haven't been to that place in years!

I don't know if I can bring myself to try and make this again with ground beef. It may bring too many bad memories! But I think the change in meat would be all that is necessary.

Oh well. Tonight is grilled chicken, steamed green beans, and a new salad recipe that calls for black beans, avocado, and cherry tomatoes in a red-wine vinaigrette dressing. Hopefully I'll have better luck! :)

Allison Babb said...

My crying break down occured yesterday at lowes. My poor husband!

edluv said...

strange. i wonder why it didn't work out. it usually seems like ground turkey works out as a good substitute, and all that together sounds good.

too bad it didn't work out.