Friday, May 01, 2009

The babies are doing well this morning. Eli is at 25% oxygen, and they will try this afternoon to move it down again this afternoon. This is great progress! :) Elsie nursed this morning. Not too much, but was able to get her total amount of food which was beyond expectation.

Both are still in the isolletes so that their little bodies don't waste calories maintaining temperature. They both have IV fluids to help maintain weight, and they are both on antibiotics so that the fluid in their lungs don't develop an infection. That is why there are so many wires and are hooked up to monitors. And of course Eli has his CPAP machine that makes it impossible to see his face well.

Lori brought Emily in this morning and we went in to see the babies together. Emily has seen pictures of herself when she was in NICU and we've recently discussed with her the need for babies to sometimes have monitors and IVs when they are so little. I was worried that she would be upset by the wires, but she seemed to understand, and was just so excited to see her little brother and sister! I really loved snuggling with Emily this morning as we watched cartoons together. She is handling this all in stride! She even helped me brush my hair this morning.

Grammy flies in this evening. My mom is such a help, and we haven't seen her since Christmas. It means so much to me that Scott is just excited for my mom to come as I am. He's no dummy, and he totally is looking forward to her help, but he also misses my mom just as much as I do. Emily Grace keeps talking about how the pool in our neighborhood opens today, and she can't wait to go swimming with Grammy! :)


Adam said...


Good news, glad they're doing well.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT! Thank you for the pictures. They are beautiful babies and so healthy!!! You guys all look great and excited and proud parents and older sister. I can't wait to see more pictures!!!!

Justin said...

congrats to you both, can't wait to meet them

Katie said...

They are beauties! (How are you blogging?!)

Sam said...

Eli's CPAP machine is a whole lot smaller than Tom's!

So great to hear that they're doing so well =)