Saturday, May 02, 2009

My Mom is here.... and other great things

The top ten reasons I woke up thankful this morning (In no particular order)

1. I slept so much better knowing that my mom is here and anxious to take care of my family. Emily Grace couldn't have been more excited for her arrival and I know Scott finally was able to get the great night of sleep he needed now that my mom was here to help out with Emily.

2. When I went in to visit the babies at 2 am this morning the nurse had lowered Elias' oxygen level gradually until he no longer needed it. As of six this morning he still needed the CPAP, but didn't require any oxygen.

3. Elsie may potentially have jaundice, and while this sounds like a set back, it really isn't because it probably was going to happen anyway. Having it now means getting her under the lights now, not having to bring her in later, and also jaundice makes babies very lathargic which will allow her little body to hold on to those calories and gain more weight.

4. My friend Meesh is bringing me in a Maui Wowie smoothie from Tropical Smoothie this morning, causing instant grins from my hospital bed!

5. One of the nursery nurses is a parent of my fourth graders who also lives down the street from us. She is not in the Special Care Nursery, but it is still great to know she is here.

6. Emily got to show Grammy all around the nursery last night. She was very excited to point out all of the items for the babies, and where they were located. Scott and I tried to include Emily in most of the choices for baby items, and I'm thrilled she has taken such ownership of "her babies."

7. Last night Emily put her hand in the isolotte and was talking to baby Eli. He literally turned towards her and made a noise that Emily decided was him saying hello. She began talking to him, telling him her name, and he flung his little arm out towards her and when she touched it, he grabbed a hold of her finger, wrapping his tiny fingers around it. So precious. Mom has pictures, I'll post them later. I have never seen Emily so full of pride.

8. The cardiologist phoned the nurses station and said my blood levels finally looked how he wanted them. I still need to take the mag sulfate, but by pill which means I can get rid of this IV needle that I've had in my hand since Tuesday night.

9. Room service meals. Seriously. I just order from a menu what I want and they bring it within thirty minutes. And it is good too! Scott and I had biscuits and gravy yesterday with our breakfast and we both thought it was great! Who would have thought?

10. Tomorrow is Sunday. I should get to go home! :) And while it is never fun to be "that mom" who is discharged without her babies, I'm trying to view this as time God has given me to heal so that when Eli and Elsie do come home Scott and I will be able to take on the challenge of infant twins to the best of our abilities!


Meesh Hays said...

Shall I invite Lisa to go grocery gaming? ;-)

Grandma Mary said...

Talking to you today was such a great relief! I now know all is well as can be for now. Soon you;ll have those beautiful babies home. I have already posted pics at work..yes, I worked today..and made everyone stop to admire them! I also posted the pic with Malisa and Emily cuddling! How beautiful she gotten!
I was so glad to hear Eli was breathing with almost no assistance. El will recover from jaundice soon.
I am sure Em is going to be the best sister. Sounds like she's already bonded with Eli!
Love to you all!

The Mrs. said...

#7 brought tears to my eyes.... so touching!!!