Thursday, May 14, 2009

Two Weeks Old!

The past few days have been wonderful with our babies home. We have been back and forth to the pediatrician this week to make sure they are both growing, which they are. Eli now weighs 5 lbs 7 oz as of yesterday, and Elsie weighs 4 lbs. 13 oz. Both are above their birth weight.

We are also still monitoring Elsie's bili levels. We go back again tomorrow for a check. I keep telling myself that I won't get upset if we are told we need the special lights at home.

And one last item that we are still a bit concerned about is a couple of blood tests they did on Elsie (standard newborn tests) that came back elevated. We had both tests repeated yesterday, and the results of one came back today still slightly elevated. It is her thyroid, however our pediatrician told us the number was only slightly abnormal, and not anything to worry about or cause action right now. But he will monitor it. The other abnormality is her amino acids that show an abnormally high level of protein. This retest results won't be back until next week.

Our pediatrician tells us that it isn't uncommon of preemie blood work to come back with abnormalities that are actually false. And he says he sees a "very healthy baby" and isn't too concerned. We're praying that everything works itself out and looks "normal" in the coming weeks. Until then I'm thankful for a doctor who is wonderful and kind, and who explains everything patiently to a mom who has a tendency to freak out. (Same doctor who dealt with me during Emily's ear tubes/tonsil/adenoid stuff)

Right now we're just enjoying this time when they mostly eat, sleep, and yuck their pants. Between the tasks of putting milk in, and cleaning what comes out we are left with some great opportunities to snuggle up on both.

It is so fun to see them interact with each other as we co-sleep them in the same crib. Elias did manage to knock Elsie in the head today which didn't please her. But over all they really comfort each other when I place them beside the other. I can't wait to see their bond grow!


Meesh Hays said...

Precious and perfect. Thank you for sharing them with us!

Anonymous said...

Does life get any better than to look at two beautiful babies???
I loved Elias' foot sticking out of the blanket.
Thank you for the update.
Love and Blessings,
Kathy D.

Sam said...

Too, too cute! Sounds like you have a great doctor =)

edluv said...

"to make sure they are both growing..."

i never really thought that this was an issue. but, i guess when you think about it, if your baby has an issue, it's not going to grow.

glad they're growing.