Friday, May 15, 2009

Feeding babies, my big girl, and a glow-worm baby

Feeding the babies is quite the process. Each one nurses well, but when they are done they also are taking a supplement that I add to milk that adds calories and vitamins. They need this because they are so small. I've been bummed about this supplement because part of the benefit of nursing is not dealing with bottles, warming, and mixing. Now I still have to do that, but its okay.

A benefit of both nursing and supplement with a bottle is that others get to feed the babies. Emily is totally a help with this. She doesn't always want to sit still so long while they finish, but most of the time she sits still and very carefully holds the bottle until the baby is done. Another way she is such a big help is waking the babies. Now you are probably thinking that most moms would try to get their preschooler NOT to wake the babies, but sometimes getting them to eat is hard when they are so sleepy. Emily comes in very handy. She talks to the babies and rubs their arms and legs very gently until they wake enough to eat.

Today we had another doctor's appt. for Elsie. The thyroid results were still elevated, but our doctor doesn't seem to worry so much right now because the levels aren't very high above "normal." But her bili levels hadn't gone done, and so we have her on phototherapy. This isn't a blanket, or a bed, but rather is called a "Bilibee." It is like a soft plastic board that slides up her onsie on her back. It plugs in, and also has a battery pack. Elsie doesn't seem to mind it, and has taken great naps today with it. Hopefully this weekend on the lights will do the trick and her levels will be lowered when we return to the doctor's office on Monday. We won't go anywhere this weekend which is a welcome treat after returning to the doctor's office every morning. But I REALLY wanted to go to church since we've missed so many weeks in a row. Oh well.

Tomorrow my mom, Scott, and I are all looking forward to a relaxing morning at home. It will be the first day all week that Mom and I haven't had to run out and be at an appt. with the babies and Emily. We will celebrate with the morning paper and cups of coffee... one of Scott and my favorite Saturday morning routines.

P.S. Thanks to Grandma Sharon for sending the adorable baby clothes for Elsie and Eli, and the cute outfit Emily has on in the pictures. And also thanks for the strawberry jam you sent with mom. It is Scott's favorite, and he has just about finished off an entire jar since its arrival.


Sam said...

I've never heard of the Bilibee - sounds much less traumatic than the bilibox we had to put Hanna in for a few days. She didn't care bit, but I was a wreck!

Allison Babb said...

Can I borrow Emily to keep Kennedy awake? Jay was doing the job, but now he is back at work. They really do take like a few sips then go to sleep. Don't they know the boobs will EXPLODE if they don't stay awake and eat:) I'm glad they are doing well and I can't wait for them to meet Kennedy:) How much do they weigh now? She was 6 lbs 3 oz on Monday at the doctor appointment:)

Monticore said...

It's so funny to see the little pregnancy coutner on the side. I don't think it got the message that the babies are here.

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