Saturday, June 06, 2009

Saturday pictures

Scott teases that I need to read the manual on our camera because these pictures didn't turn out so great. Somehow I messed with the flash. Oh well. You get the idea! :)

The babies are getting bigger every day it seems. I can't wait to get the weight check taken at this Wednesday's doctor appointment. Thanks to Jenny again for the darling outfits. So talented!

Emily's doing well with her cast. She doesn't complain much, and prays at dinner time for her arm to heal quick. The view from her bedroom window is of the neighborhood pool that is consistently filled with friends having a great time while cooling off. Somehow this seems cruel. We're trying to keep her occupied with fun summer events. Bible school is next Mon-Fri and she has soccer camp the week of 6/22. I'm sure we'll fit in a few trips to the library this month, as well as a trip out to Pomaria to pick strawberries.

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Jenny said...

I wish I could come meet them right now! Emily looks cute with her cast. Let's hope for no more emergencies!