Sunday, July 05, 2009

Big morning at the Johnson's!

After last night's festivities, the babies didn't sleep very well. I don't know what the problem was, but Scott agree that tonight we will be going back to the nightly "bed time schedule" for all the Johnson children! Hopefully that will mean more zzzzz for us!

So we spent the lazy morning together, forgoing church, and playing with the babies. The downstairs was a mess of strewn about newspaper, coffee mugs, sippy cups, blankets, diapers, and empty cereal bowls. The laundry over-flowed upstairs, and none of the beds were made. But all five of us were in the nursery playing with the babies on the floor. I'm learning that sometimes it is important to let some of the chores go (at least for an hour or so) in order to spend time with the kiddos.

We had some amazing things happen while we played. Eli rolled over (not for the first time... he did this once a week ago, but not since) and then did it two more times. Once he even rolled over on his sister! (See picture) Elsie decided today would be the day she gave her first smile. I tried to get her to smile for a picture, but the result is what you see on the diaper changing table. (Notice the onesie with the big leak!) And Emily began talking to Elsie while they lay on the blanket together, and Elsie began to coo at her. They went back and forth for a little while, and Scott and I just beamed! How much fun!


Grandma Mary said...

I am so in LOVE with this family!!
Hugs and kisses to all!

Mama Gail said...

Hi Malisa, I think Elsie looks like your dad!

Mama Gail said...

By the way, Mama Gail is my google account name, Gail Fast