Monday, July 06, 2009

Monday Mayhem

Another random Monday post, because random is good on a Monday!

* Babies must be growing, because they certainly couldn't eat any more if they tried. This has seriously been taxing on the Mom. I'm always feeding somebody, whether it is Eli, Elsie, or making dinner for Scott and Emily, or simply filling the dog's dish.

* I'll never forget how disappointed I was when I figured out that just because a baby slept through the night doesn't mean that they will continue to do so. Emily must have been three months old and slept "through the night" one night, much to Scott and my rejoicing, only to hit a growth spurt two days later that woke her to eat four times in a six hour period. I'm remembering this revelation now as my babies were up three times last night, which they haven't done in weeks!

* My friend Amber is going out with Emily, the babies and me to grab a bite to eat and hit Babies R Us. I wonder if she knows what she's in for?!? :)

* I've been really missing my friends and family this weekend. Sometimes being far away doesn't seem so bad, but every once in awhile I ache. I would have loved to spend the Fourth with my parents and Mindy. I just found out a friend was diagnosed with an awful disease, and I want to hug her, and I missed my friend Megan's wedding a few weeks back. These are all aches.

* There has to be more to this Sarah Palin thing, right? I keep watching the news in case they shed any more light on the Palin issue, but then they keep talking about the Gaffney serial murderer and I get all freaked out and change the channel.

* This morning I keep thinking about the little boy with the fish and bread that Jesus used to feed the multitude. God really used the combined three hours of sleep last night to give me all the energy I need for my three little ones. Surely I shouldn't feel this great after such a sleepless night!

* Scott is writing comps that he defends Aug. 15. Needs to set up his new classroom that he moved into. And has a conference this Thurs -Sun. He's very busy!

*Emily's cast comes of Wednesday. I think the we may go to Great Wolfe Lodge to celebrate. (Its a giant indoor water park north of Charlotte)

Have a great week!

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