Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Our Big Wednesday

Here are a little things going on at the Johnson's:

- I went to my first Mother of Twins meeting last night. There are over 100 members of this club. I had a great time and met some wonderful ladies. The meetings are monthly and offer support and friendship to moms of twins.

- Scott stayed home with all three kids yesterday. Amber dropped in for a bit to offer a hand. They bathed babies and when I got home Scott had the babies clean, fed, swaddled, and asleep. Way to go Scott!

- The Whole Language Umbrella conference begins tomorrow. I look forward to the day when I will go to such conferences with Scott again. But for right now, I am glad to stay at home. Our friends from Fresno are coming, and we can't wait to see them!

- Emily got her cast off today!!! Once Scott is finished with the conference this weekend, we are thinking about going to The Great Wolfe Lodge (Huge indoor water park) to celebrate.

- On today's schedule was grocery shopping and starting dinner by 4 p.m. After hours of feeding babies (it seemed like it was continuous!) I still hadn't been to the market, and dinner was a thought that didn't happen. Looks like we are grabbing sushi for dinner. (I'm not complaining!) Then our party of five will head off to Publix all together for some grocery gaming.

- It has been ten months since using the grocery game to shop each week. I estimate that we've saved a couple thousand dollars so far. My list is shown above, but is a picture of the list and coupons from last week.

- We didn't get to the pool today either. By the time Emily woke from her nap it was stormy. The weatherman said some areas would receive over five inches this evening! Our lawn needs it! I hat the days when it doesn't rain and we have to bust out the sprinkler.


The Nguyen Family- Sacramento California said...

I really need Scott to give Benny and I some advice. We still can't get Jude to take naps let alone get into a sleep routine. Two nights ago was the first time Jude fell asleep by himself after just a few minutes of fussing in his crib. By the time Benny and I ate dinner he was up and wanting some dinner of his own. :) Good job Scott!

Robin Cathcart said...

I'm glad you were able to go the Mother of Twins meeting. I'm still a member but unable to go to the meetings anymore with all of the kids' activities. I enjoyed it so much when the boys were younger. You will meet lots of great Moms who understand exactly what you are going through - the good and the bad. I have a good friend who went to Great Wolf a couple of weeks ago and said it was fantastic! Take care!

Scott and Malisa Johnson said...

I'm so glad you told me about the club Robin! I totally have things that I am already planning to sell at the August sale. And the other moms were great!

Leighann- It sounds like you had a good start! keep up with the routine, and it WILL get better!