Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Continuing to continue!

This morning I have spent two hours on the phone with insurance, the hospital's billing department, and the pediatrician office. What fruit do I have to show for my labor? The pediatrician bill is paid in full. The broken arm operation was paid in full. The double infant hernia operation was paid in full. As was the anesthesiologist, urologist, and orthopedist.

It amazes me that insurance companies think they can get away with not covering families who pay their monthly premiums every month. What they will do to get out of paying is unbelievable! Today just shows that persistant phone calls and keeping diligent records myself will eventually pay off!

And this is good because I needed the encouragement to keep up with the birth bills for both Elias, Elsie, and myself. Basically with that we were told that insurance wouldn't pay the hospital bills because they are "penalizing" me for not letting them know about the pregnancy during my first trimester. Even though I have documents from my doctor's office that were sent 10/15/08 (when I was only EIGHT WEEKS PREGNANT) to the insurance to verify my pregnancy with them. My insurance even responded to the faxed letter to inform my doctor's office that I was indeed covered.

So I will continue to spend hours on the phone with both my insurance company and the State Budget and Control Board. Apparently my appeal will next go before the board next Wednesday. I pray they will agree with me!

Until then, I will enjoy shredding the bills from the providers who have finally been paid in full by my insurance. :)


Katie said...

You sure do have bad luck with this sort of stuff. Hopefully things will turn around for you soon. Good luck!

Mama Gail said...

Glad you kept your records to prove your case to the insurance agency. Malisa 1, insurance 0!