Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Mayhem

Rather than my usual random Monday post, I will post today's likes and dislikes in the form of Beth Moore's "blessings and not blessings:"

Things that are a blessing:
- Yummy blueberry buckle and coffee for breakfast this morning. Emily's refers to it as "huckleberry yummy."
- I figured out that the little velcro straps on the cloth diapers are meant to overlap, therefore decreasing the amount of leakage. Wish I would have figured that out many, many loads of laundry ago.
- The playroom. We may never use it for its intended purpose (dining room) and that is okay with me. I love to watch Emily play.
- Jenny's Jack and my Eli and Elsie allowed us to have a nice phone conversation this morning. Rare these days that the Ogden and Johnson households are quiet at the same time!
- The highs are only the 80's for the next few days. Nice.
- I am officially moved out of my classroom. Sorta sad, but glad that the task is done. Thanks to Scott who literally did it all by himself.
- Emily has been reading many predictable books to herself. This in turn has lead to her recognizing most of her letters and their accompanying sounds. She amazes me.
- We are working on putting Eli and Elsie down when they are tired, but not yet asleep in hopes of them each learning how to fall asleep by themselves. Eli has this down, Elsie, well, meh. We're on a great start and will keep working.
- My cousin Leighann started her own blog. I love to see her little guy growing so big!

Things that are NOT a blessing:
- $5.99 a week for diaper wipes is too much. I'm back to making my own wipe solution with old wash clothes. Yes, I am that
- While in the church nursery yesterday, I changed Eli's diaper. I didn't cover him up, and the cold air did its magic. He peed all over everything, including his own forehead.
- Scott has to work on his comps for much of the day today. That means we have to leave him alone. Bummer.
- Our energy bill for last month was higher than it ever has been before. All the bedrooms have walk-in closets, and if I find one more closet light turned on, I am unscrewing the bulbs!

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