Saturday, July 18, 2009

Blueberry Picking

When Emily was just over a year old my dad introduced her to blueberries. He eats them for breakfast nearly every morning, and Emily thought they tasted great! Since then Emily asks for blueberries every time we're in the store. Often times I buy them and she eats them plain for breakfast, just like Papa. But sometimes I refuse to buy them because they can be so expensive!

So when I was told about a blueberry farm only 25 minutes from our house that had pick your own for $1/ pound, I knew we had to try it out!

With twin babies people often expect that we must spend every day cooped up in our house. I do cherish the days that are spent entirely at home, but Scott and I have never been afraid of getting out and going with a baby. Or two babies for that matter. We plan the best we can, and hope for the best! Sometimes its no big deal, other times we cut our plans short to accommodate fussy babies. I think this mind-set somewhat accounts for Emily's easily adjusting attitude. She flew back and forth across the country for four round trips by the time she turned one! And she was great EVERY time.
Well, today we packed up the double stroller, baby bjorn, sling, and off we went. We didn't know what to expect, but were pleased to see the beautiful farm with 5+ acres of nothing but ripe blueberries growing down aisles and aisles of freshly mowed green grass. We pushed the stroller down the aisles and the babies took an extended morning nap, and didn't wake up until we were finishing up!

We picked over ten pounds of berries! I plan on putting eight, 1 qt. bags in my freezer, which leaves 3, 1 at. bags for the fridge to appease my blueberry loving Emily! While we picked we shouted out all the things we wanted to make with the blueberries. But above all, she just likes to put them in a bowl and eat them!

I can't wait to make Kathy Davis' "blueberry buckle" before church. My mom and I both make this recipe often, and Emily and Scott both enjoy it very much. OH, and in case you wondered what in the world was around Scott and my waist? It is a nifty contraption that snaps on the the bucket, keeping it secure around your waist, and frees up both hands to pick berries faster.

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Mama Gail said...

I enjoyed the blueberry excursion! I have never seen blueberry bushes. Emily was especially cute with her buckets.