Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Family Movie Night

Friday Family Movie Night is something that Scott and I began with Emily quite awhile ago. When I was pregnant with the twins I would come home with take-out, set it all out on the coffee table, and we would eat in the livingroom while watching a movie of Emily's choosing while I tried not to completely fall asleep.

We still watch a movie every Friday night. I prepare a dinner suitable for coffee table dining, or we get take out (due to extremely fussy babies today, I ran out and picked up jersey subs from our favorite mom and pop deli. Yummy!)

Sometimes we also have special movie candy or something for dessert. Tonight we made homemade ice cream and ate it while it rained and thundered and stormed outside.

I think the reason why the Friday Family Movie night tradition is so special to me is because Mindy and I had something similar when we were growing up. Every Friday night we would watch the TGIF line up which always started out with Full House. (Yes, we watched all of those shows... we even had a "Full House dance" that we did while skipping around the living room.) Mom would make us little pizzas on English muffins and we would eat popcorn on the special "popcorn blanket." Mindy and I would have Becky and Susan Fidler over, and it was always a big fun deal.

Nothing special in retrospect. But very special indeed.

I hope that when Emily is old enough to invite friends over that she will want to have them over with our family. I love that she cheers when she finds out it is Friday, and that she talks all day about what movie she wants to watch. And I love to snuggle on the sofa with Emily, Scott and the babies.

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Mama Gail said...

I loved babysitting you Malisa when you were a little girl. Sweet memories...