Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Serious? No way!

I've shared with you what I thought was the meanest, rudest comment I have received about the twins. Today, I will share with you the stupidest.

Last night Scott and I were at a store with the kids. We had the babies in their double stroller. As we checked out the clerk (loudly) asked us many inappropriate questions about fertility and how we became pregnant with the twins. How strangers seem to think it is okay to ask other strangers these types of personal questions I will never know. But, like with most cases, the asker was very sweet and meant absolutely no harm. I was just glad that she asked in front of Scott so that he could experience the comment phenomenon that comes with being in public with twins.

But then, as Scott was pre-occupied with Emily, came the kicker. She said, "Yeah, I've always heard that all babies start out as twins, but then one baby eats the other."

Huh? What did you just say? Oh. My. Gosh.

I looked around to find Scott, but he was already walking towards the door having a discussion with Emily about something. He missed it!

Oh well. As scared as I was that somebody could actually believe and repeat such non-sense, I didn't feel it was my place to educate her on twins. So I dropped my head to hide my grin and suppressed that giggle. Of course as soon as we got to the safety of our car I shared with Scott and we laughed all the way home. Isn't that crazy?!?


Sam said...

I'm not sure I could have reacted as graciously as you did! I remember the odd comments and questions I would get with one baby, but it was never anything as...ummmm...daft as that.

The Jay said...

Maybe she meant the egg eating the sperm?


Katie said...

Wow. Someone needs to go back to health class.