Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Three kidney stones later...

and Scott is feeling much better. That said, I should probably explain that since my last post when I said he was feeling better, he actually starting feeling quite bad again. On his Monday appointment he told the doctor he was really hurting on the left side (the surgery was on the right side) but the doctor just shrugged it off as leftover uncomfortable pain from the surgery.

Turns out not. He had another three kidney stones on his left side. Bummer.

But now he is stopping the migraine medication that is known for causing kidney stones. The urologist didn't know anything about this, but the migraine doctor knew about it right away when Scott mentioned it, and agreed that he should stop taking it.

Today Scott goes to his classroom to get it all set-up and prepare for the first day of school tomorrow. Not exactly the best time for these kidney stones to occur, however, I'm so glad this didn't all begin while school was in session.

I'm praying that God will keep Scott well from everything from kidney stones to head colds, and that everybody's first day of school tomorrow will be fabulous!

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Kathy Davis said...

Well, well, the Johnson's have been busy! From eating babies, to kidney stones, to classroom preparation, to simply enjoying life!
Loved the photos of the other day. Smiling kiddos are sooo cute, all three of them.
Blessings to you,