Thursday, August 20, 2009


A few days ago Scott and I decided that we could better use our time and money on other things besides cable. So I called and disconnected the DirecTV that very day. We had already cut back our cable to the lowest amount of cable channels possible, and of those we only watched about three. We plan on getting a converter box, but until then knew we would just go without T.V. for a few days. Fine with us.

But not fine with Emily.

It took a few days to disconnect, and some time last night is when the cable turned off. When she turned on the T.V. this morning to watch her cartoons, she was very upset. I tried to explain the reasoning for not wanting to pay so much money and spend so much time. I even told her how many "monies" it cost to pay for cable, and that mommy and daddy want to be wise with how we spend our money. (The idea that we have to PAY for T.V. was a new concept.) I even explained that every time the calendar flipped to a new month, we had to pay again. (Again, complete disbelief at this idea).

About an hour later, Emily came to me with all of her play money in her hand. "PLEEEEEAASSSEE can we get the T.V. to work again" she said.

Too funny!


Sam said...

I would love to get rid of our cable (or at least take it down to the lowest level of service) but I'm afraid I would have a much more violent protest on my hands! We only watch about a dozen of the 200 channels we have - I really wish we could pick and choose.

Scott and Malisa Johnson said...

Me too! In Fresno Scott and I just paid $4 a month and Time Warner provided us with just the networks, but through their cable service so we wouldn't have bunny-ears. It was perfect.