Friday, August 28, 2009


Two years ago this October my Bible study and I began Beth Moore's study of Daniel. I've done about seven or so Beth studies, and this one is my all-time favorite. There is so much in this study, one can't possibly take it all the first time. So we decided to do this study again!

Tuesday was our first session, and I started the day 1 in the book on Wednesday. Immediately I recall why I love this study so much! The comparison of Babylon to our culture is eerily easy to make, and so the application to life in 2009 is easy. The first time I did this study I felt like I learned the importance of not letting my own life blend in unnoticed with today's Babylon. But this time I really feel God has given me the opportunity to learn how to teach my children from blending in to today's Babylon.

Anyhow, I am so blessed to have such a great group of ladies to meet with every Tuesday. We've met together from years, and I think all together we represent at least five different churches. I learn from these ladies, and lean on them when I need to. They are fabulous, and I am grateful to be a part of them!

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