Friday, August 28, 2009

Hmmmm... Ehhh, why not. Here you go!

I wish I had some awesome pictures to show you of the twins first photo shoot. I don't. I wish that these pictures showed the essence of their sweet faces. I don't. I wish I at least had one of EITHER of them smiling. I don't.

What I have are the result of a not-so-good photo shoot at a place that I will never again visit. My sister Mindy was with me when these were done. I was so glad she was with me. The entire experience was so bad that as we walked out Mindy said, "Okay, were there cameras in there for the show 'Boiling Point' because I thought I was going to deck that lady!"

Well said. And to answer... no. That was just a really bad experience for the babies first pictures. Oh well. My mom is coming in October which will be a perfect time to take their six month pictures with a better photographer.

Until then, here are the pictures. Cute, but only because they have my babies' precious faces in them. Other than that... not so much!


ftio said...

Poor Eli...He looks petrified of that evil sales woman! I like the ones of him in the bean bag better! I'll send them to you!

Scott and Malisa Johnson said...

Yes! Please do! :)

Allison Babb said...

I take Kennedy to the picture people in the mall. They do a really good job and there is no sitting fee so if you don't like them there is no pressure to buy anything. I take her there all the time just to buy one or two shots.