Sunday, August 30, 2009

Emily's questions about baptism

Today at Lake Murray our good friend Amber was baptized! It was totally cool because there were over twenty others who were also baptized. We sat on a huge lawn in the back of a church goers house and watched with Emily and the twins. Emily got fidgety quickly, but then had many many questions about baptism.

First of all she was concerned about the physical part of the baptism. She wanted to know why Amber had to be "dunked" and if she would get water up her nose. Once the baptisms started though, she realized that it wasn't really some dangerous thing, and she moved on to other questions. She wanted to know why John the Baptist wasn't there. Good question.

Later at home I tried to answer her questions as best as I could, and from what I gathered she basically understands baptism to be a symbol that says a person is living for Christ. But she then asked me, "Mom, what happens if I get baptized and then I do something bad. I have a hard time making good choices every time."

Yes, so we have a long time and much more explaining before Emily fully understands.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for choosing me to be Emily's mom. I am grateful for the way you used today's baptism to encourage Emily to ask questions. I pray she will one day fully understand your mercy and grace, and that she will chose you as she realizes how much she needs both. Continue to give Scott and me wisdom to answer her questions and raise this precious little girl.


Allison Babb said...

Kennedy and I were baptized togetherin early august. I'm hoping one day she realizes how awesome that day was:)

Grandma Mary said...

Baptism is such a personal choice. Growing up Catholic is a little different. The choice is made for you by parents in the first year. Different and yet still so similar in beliefs. No matter how you believe, the basic idea is to be as good a person as you can be, be kind, thoughtful and loving to all humankind and animalkind (is this a word?).
So glad this child is a part of all our all of us are truly Children of God..
Wow!! that was very profound of me..It doesn't happen often.