Monday, August 31, 2009

Emily or Elsie?

Its always easy to tell which one is Eli. He is Scott's clone, and the one with blonde hair. But Emily's baby pictures look a lot like Elsie. Can you tell who is who?

Answers are in the comment section!


Scott and Malisa Johnson said...


How did you do?

Anonymous said...

Hi Malisa,
I did great, got them all right. It was good to see you and the kids on the PC the other day at your moms. We were talking and she mentioned that she checks your blog and seldom makes comments and you had a name for that. I guess I am blog checker too and don't leave comments. I will try do better. Love Aunt Tammy

Amber said...

I made 100%! The hair totally gives it away! Elsie's never had THAT much hair :)!

Jenny said...

Well, at least I can match the correct babies together, but I reversed Emily and Elsie.