Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Miss Penny is here!

We've always called Mindy "Minni-Penny" but Emily had her own swing on things. She has always referred to her aunt as, "Miss Penny." Emily has been waiting for weeks for her "Miss Penny" to get here and is so excited!
We went to Charlotte and stayed the night at a water park after picking up Emily. It was in the hotel room that Mindy got to meet Elsie and Eli. As you can see, Elsie immediately could tell that this Miss Penny character was somebody fun and important! (A later post will document the first over-night trip with the twins.)
Here are a few pictures from the water park.

P.S. It turns out that indoor water parks are great for babies! The "white noise" was just what they needed to keep them cool and calm the entire time we went on the slides. They sat in their stroller and either napped or observed. It was really great!

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