Monday, November 30, 2009

7 Months!

Where did the time go!?! Weren't they just born yesterday? And why didn't I take more naps during that 1.5 wk bed rest time? What was I thinking?!?

Anyhow, here are some things going on with the cutest twins I know!

- loves to grab his feet. He constantly pulls off his socks to view his sausage toes.
- can't sit right beside Elsie during meal time because he likes to pull off her bib.
- throws his pacifier
- doesn't yet crawl, but does this head-pile-driver move where he pulls his knees up under his belly and pushes himself, head first, forward. (it looks as uncomfortable as it sounds!)
- breaks out in a rash around his mouth any time he eats any orange foods.
- must hold on to a blanket or some other fabric to fall asleep.
- is nowhere close to sitting up. In his opinion, his body wasn't meant to bend that way
-loves watching the dog and cat
- would rather nurse constantly than eat solids
- shows no sign of getting a tooth
- weighs 15.7 lbs

-smiles almost non-stop.
- thinks Emily is the best thing in the world to watch.
- talks with bababababa and dadadada sounds in several different pitches to communicate her mood
- is allergic to penicillin
-can almost sit by herself unassisted (we're working on this.)
- instantly pulls both hands up and rests her hands behind her head when she's tired
- has significantly chunkier thighs than Eli, however weighs a consistent .5 lb less
- has lost most of her original hair, but is growing very blond hair now
- gets a little upset when too many people are in a room, and prefers to put herself to sleep after spending some quiet time alone in her crib
- has one lonely tooth that has barely pushed through her bottom gum.
- weighs 14.9 lbs


The Jay said...

Teeth! I'm jealous!

Allison Babb said...

Kennedy and Elsie weigh the same and kennedy has a small dot of a tooth that has pushed through:)They are meant to be BFFs!

Anonymous said...

Malisa, they are sooo cute and getting so big! Love the pictures!