Sunday, November 29, 2009

Some of my favorites

Sometimes in the middle of the day I need some comic relief. Often its needed while I'm waiting for a baby (or two) to finally nod off in my arms, stop nursing, or drift off to sleep in the crib.

Other times its after sending Emily to time-out for the third time before eight in the morning. (yes, that has happened more than once!)

There are many sites that I frequent that foot the bill perfectly, and I thought that with everybody returning to work tomorrow morning, maybe I should share in case somebody else needs a reason to smile.

First of all is my all-time favorite. Read all about bakery mishaps here. This site has gained so much popularity, the author has even come out with a book. Fabulously funny!

Then, if you are in a mood to giggle at other's expense, or if you just need to feel a little better about yourself, click here. But be warned... the material can sometimes be a little gross, though unfortunately nothing that you haven't already seen in public.

Finally, from the makers of is a favorite site of mine. These babies always make me smile.

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