Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Picture update

Here are some things going on in the Johnson house:

We are all on count-down until our CA trip. Emily is especially excited because she can't wait to see her Grammy and Papa, Miss Pinni and Moses the dog. She's also excited about seeing Jay and Becky and their new baby Evie. We've created a paper chain that has each day of the week on it. Every time we start a new week the paper chain begins a new color. Hopefully Emily will better understand the length of one week by the time we're done. We measure the time from now until we leave in "wake-ups" so every time she wakes in the morning she pulls off a link. Its very exciting! :)

He's yet another reason why I'm so thankful for Emily Grace. She very well may be the coolest big sister around.

I found out about these bottles from another mom of twins. The babies each get a bottle every day, and so we've been trying to get the twins used to these bottles before our trip to CA. They make life so much easier! On this day I gave the babies each their bottle and I started making dinner. It was fabulous! Some times they get their bottle for their 11:00 feeding, and so I give it to them while we are in car pool waiting for Emily to get out of preschool. Fabulous!

Here is another close up of Elsie taking her bottle. She does this with her arms when she's tired. I know she's ready for a nap when both hands turn in to head supports. Its pretty funny.

Here is Emily and Daddy outside on the front porch with their "moon journals." This was a couple nights ago and it was a "new moon." Scott patiently explained to Emily why she couldn't see the moon.

This was a big moment in our house. Emily successfully cracked four eggs without getting any shells in the bowl. There never was a little girl so proud as Emily Grace with her cracked eggs.

Remember the posts here and here ? Well it left Emily feeling a little left out. So she asked if I would paint a flower on her wall. I chose a dandelion because Emily loves to blow the petals, and because it is so perfectly Emily. My friend Lori helped me a ton of course, and now Emily loves her dandelion wall. And if you're asking why two letters in her name are slightly cream colored... I have no idea. It drives me nuts, and I think I will have to pain them all white to match each other. They didn't use to be this way.

I love this picture. I can't wait to see all the things these two sisters will get into together! Simply sweet!


Anonymous said...

Hello busy lady. Can you make a paper chain for Grammy and Papa - we're just a wee bit excited too!

Love the pictures! It almost feels like I'm there.

Hugs and Kisses


Allison Babb said...

That bottle thing is very interesting... have you tried sippy cups with the twins yet? Kennedy really is doing well with her and can do it independently:) I don't get the opportunity to give her bottle often, so when I do I bust out the sippy cup.