Monday, November 02, 2009

Random Monday Post

A few random thoughts:

* I used to think I was successful when the twins would sleep and wake at the exact same time, but I've learned to recognize the blessing that comes with one-on-one time with each baby.

* After I dropped Emily off at school I walked the across the Lake Murray Dam and back. I have no idea how far it was, but it felt great to be out in the fresh air and view the beautiful fall colors and of course the lake.

* At church our pastor started a new sermon series on marriage. So far its fabulous, and I'm looking forward to next week.

* "School Bus Hour" begins at 3:13 every day. There are four busses that come in our neighborhood, and each have their first stop right in front of our house. Dakota thinks they each do this just to torment him. I think Dakota's barking during nap time is tormenting me!

* Our plane tickets are booked for December 19. I can't wait!

* Next year when I am at the grocery store staring at the many many packages of Halloween candy, I will chose only those I can't stand to eat. That way I won't be tempted by the left-overs.

* The kids seem to have conquered the time change. It really didn't mess us up too much.

* We've been T.V. free since August 15. Two and half months have flown by, and I don't miss the tube at all! (That said, I do keep an active log-in at I watch a favorite show each afternoon while I fold laundry and the kids are taking their nap!)

* We have an infestation of lady bugs between the screen and upstairs window. Its crazy. I'm talking over 50 lady bugs. I keep trying to think of a way to capture them for my veggie garden w/o letting them in the house.

* I still swaddle my babies. They're six months old now. My pediatrician's office says "no blankets" probably because of SIDs risk. However, we have decided that the risk of less alert parents do to sleep deprivation is more statistically relevant in our household. That said, I wonder how long we'll go before we won't swaddle?

* It was over 80 on Halloween. Poor Emily was sweating like crazy in her costume (see below) but refused to take it off so that she could continue to match "her babies." We're already talking about what theme we could do with the kids for next year.

* I think my greatest pet peeve is being late. (blame my father) Lately I find that Atilla the Hun makes an appearance at our home every time we're in the verge of being late to get out the door. I need to work on refusing her visits.

* When I was in high school I dated a boy with three little sisters who were much younger. I remember him complaining often of their lack of understanding of time. I didn't sympathize at all back then, but I completely understand now.

* We didn't even carve a pumpkin this year. Does that make us un-American?

Well, I think that's about as random as a post can get! Hope everybody's Monday is fabulous!


Adam said...

Hooray for the Johnsons in California!

Sam said...

Caleb would still prefer to be swaddled, or at least tucked in tight. I think there's something reassuring about it for him.

It was 89 here on Halloween, but with the heat index, it felt like 95. We don't expect a lot of fall in Florida, but I find that just a little bit ridiculous!

Anonymous said...
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