Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sumo wrestling twin style!

Sometimes in the mornings when I'm changing the babies out of their jammies, we spend an extra long time playing. Mostly this is because the twins get put in the same crib, and they easily roll all around and over each other. Its hysterical!

Here are some highlights from this morning's wrestling match!

I've told them that if they continue somebody is bound to get hurt. But they never listen! But don't worry, Eli's scratch on his nose was self-inflicted. Or at least that's what Elsie tells me!

Notice Elsie giving her brother a little "twist" in the last picture. He screamed right after I took the picture.

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Colette said...

Tooooo stinkin' cute! Can't wait to see you and your family in December -- they're growing up so fast!