Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thank goodness I'm not in this alone!

Scott has been gone at a conference at Myrtle Beach since Sunday afternoon. I didn't mention this on the blog while he was gone because I didn't want robbers and murderers to see it. Yeah, that's how I think. Lovely right? And I already have trouble falling asleep at night in the big house while he's gone because I think that every little sound is somebody trying to break-in downstairs. I didn't need to exacerbate the problem by worrying about the wrong people finding out that he was gone, and then internet stalking until our address was found.

Anyhow, all of that to say, Scott is home now! I managed the kids all by myself, and it really wasn't so bad. Emily was precious and helpful almost all of the time. Each evening after the kids were in bed I had all kinds of time to myself. We still don't use our T.V. and with Scott home there was nothing to do. So I got lots of laundry done! :)

During the days and evenings when I was doing the dinner/bath/bed time routine by myself I kept thinking that this wasn't so bad because it was just for a couple of days. But single parents!? How do they do this? There are a lot more days with no rest for single parents. That has got to be one of the toughest jobs I can think of!

And again I am reminded of my belief that God designed parenting to be for two people. Of course this doesn't always work out to no fault of many, but there's a reason why children have two parents! Its because they need two people so that if one gets worn out (which we do often) the other can take over!

I'm so grateful for my husband and the partnership that we have in raising our children. And as wonderful as that all is, I'm heading out now for some relief at my friend and neighbors house. I think I deserve a beer! :)

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