Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm glad my husband understands me

Many of you know of my bathroom wallpaper. It is grotesque. It is slapped on with awful colors and an awful texture, and an awful floral pattern of ugliness. And our house is not that old. Its just that whoever was here before us had really outdated taste. Yucky!

Anyhow, I have talked a lot about our kitchen wallpaper which we have yet to conquer. Really the only reason we haven't is just out of fear. We use that kitchen as the center of our lives. We're always in the kitchen, and with three kids projects have a way of not being completed in the given amount of time. And also, the kitchen is a really big area, with A LOT of wallpaper.

Now back to our master bathroom. The bathroom itself is really quite nice if I do say so myself. There are two entrances from the bedroom, and there is a wall that doesn't go all the way to the end of the room, so that each entrance walks in to a separate counter and sink vanity. THe shower is on one side, the garden tub on the other, and on the far end of the bathroom are three doors. Two lead to big his and her walk-ins, and the third to the toilet.

So what a shame that this gorgeous and lovely bathroom is masked by this awful wallpaper!??

Well, tonight I decided I have had it! While taking my bath I decided to peel just a bit. It came really easily off the wall. I kept peeling. It kept coming. I took a quick peak at Scott to see what he was doing in the bedroom and found him busy on the lap top. I kept peeling.

Before I knew it I had three entire sheets of wallpaper that I had peeled off the wall. And then he noticed.

"Honey? What are you doing? You're peeling the wallpaper off the wall aren't you?"

Yes, well what I failed to mention before is that I have done this once before. About three years ago I was in the downstairs half bath and I decided I had had enough of that wallpaper too. I started peeling and just as Scott was coming down the stairs and around the corner, I walked out of the bathroom with my arms loaded with peeled ugly wallpaper.

I wish I had a picture of the shock on his face.

And now here we are again. Me, full of great intentions to get this paper off, and the walls painted a beautiful shade of... well I haven't thought that far. And Scott fully recognizing that beyond my great intentions is the reality that he will be totally helping me in the completion of this project.

A high school boyfriend of mine had a wonderful mom that I loved. She was once talking with me about how marriages work (and don't work) and she said, "If a marriage can survive hanging drapes, a marriage can survive anything." Simplistic, I know. But i've always thought that saying holds so much truth.

Scott and I make a great team in everything we do, but almost nothing is done in the time frame that we'd like. With a four year old, and twin babies, our bathroom project may take awhile. But that's okay. Anything beats looking at that awful wallpaper!

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