Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Scott!

For Scott's birthday I wanted to surprise him with one of his favorite meals. When I started thinking about the meals that I make, I couldn't come up with one that was his all-time favorite. Maybe goolash? Seriously, this is one of his favorites, but such a throw-together, easy dish, I couldn't possibly serve it on his birthday.

So I asked Emily, "Hey Em. What do you think is Daddy's favorite thing to eat for dinner." She doesn't even look up from coloring as she automatically answers, "Gas station fried chicken."

There you have it folks. My husbands favorite dinner. Emily was spot on.

For those of you who don't live in our area, there is a Exxon Quickway on the way to the lake that serves fried chicken. A friend at work introduced me to it when she recommended we get the fried chicken for our school tailgating party there. I won't lie, I was totally skeptical at first. I don't even like to eat a Subway sandwich out of gas station. But I went ahead and tried some, and it was fabulous! Later when Scott tried it he was head over heels.

Along with the fried chicken would be a potato salad and cole slaw that I will make. And of course a birthday cake.

However, we had a change in plans. Though today is his birthday, looks like we won't be celebrating until Friday. Eli has a terrible stomach bug that he's slowly recovering from, and Emily was sent home from preschool as it turns out she has a sinus infection.

I called Scott and told him about the kids, and our plans that we had to change. He didn't mind that we had to change until Friday. And I think he was pretty excited about Gas station friend chicken. Good job Emily. You know your father well!

I included some pictures of Scott from the last time our family pictures were taken. I thought they celebrated Scott doing something that he does so well... being a dad!

Happy Birthday to Scott! We love you so much!


Adam said...

Happy Birthday Scott!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Scott!
We think you are a great father to our beautiful grandchildren.

Dave and Lisa