Thursday, January 14, 2010


I am a lame movie-watcher. I am the one who leaves the room when violence erupts on scene. It is not gun violence that bothers me so much, probably because that just doesn't seem real to me. I can sit through the final scenes of Training Day no problem. But it is the physical violence that bothers me, or more like haunts me. I think this has worsened since I've become a mom.

There have been times that I've wanted to see a movie that looked like it had a great story, but I was worried it could be too much. Scott will then preview, and then re-watch it with me, telling me when to leave the room. The most recent movie we watched like this was Inglorious Bastards. Great movie. But you bet I ran out of the room several times.

Anyhow, I tell you this to explain what a dumb thing I did this morning. I got an mass email asking that I pray for the people in Haiti after the horrible earthquake. There was a CNN video linked to the email, and I opened it up and began to watch. I guess I expected news reporters telling the latest information, but rather it was video taken just seconds after the quake hit. The dust hadn't even settled and people were running everywhere. There were people literally holding their arms out between stories of leveled buildings. There was much screaming.

I'm sure these images will haunt me for weeks. Not because they are more graphic than movies I've seen, but because they are actual people, not actors. I can't imagine what it must be like to be a citizen of Haiti today. I can't imagine what they saw and what they are going through. But I will pray.

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Sam said...

I had to make the decision this morning that I wouldn't allow myself to watch any more coverage for a bit. One picture in particular kept me up last night and even invaded my dreams. It's always been a hard balance for me to find between my need for news and my over-tender heart. I just keep reminding myself that while I can't watch, I can still pray.