Monday, January 18, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

We've had a high chair situation in our home for awhile now. Simply put, it is that we have Emily's old high chair that I love, but they no longer make it in the same pattern. I REALLY didn't want two different chairs in the kitchen, so I asked Scott if we could sell Emily's used chair and buy two new ones. He said that was ridiculous, and a waste of money. And yes, I have to agree.
So as the babies neared the point of growing out of their bumbo seats, I scoured the Craigslist pages for every city in our state, hoping to find a chair like Emily's. After two months, my efforts paid off. A lady outside of Greenville was selling a chair exactly like Emily's for a fraction of the cost of a new chair. So not only was I getting my two matching chairs, but I was saving money too! Scott wasn't nearly as excited as I thought he should be, but I think was just glad to be done hearing about my search!

We decided to make a day of it on Saturday and head off to Greenville to visit their children's museum after we picked up the high chair. This museum was FABULOUS! There is a similar museum here in Columbia that is actually much bigger, but it was very fun to go to a new place with new exhibits. The only bummer was that the Blue Men Group have sponsored a sound wave exhibit that won't open until next weekend. From what we saw, it too proved to be awesome, but was unfortunately unavailable. Scott thinks it may be based off the preschool they opened. I am very intrigued by this exhibit, and want to go back!
The kids all had a great time, the twins included. The water lilly play table was ingenious! We spent a lot of time there. All the other exhibits were fabulous too, and each were set up around the theme of "I can be a...." as they explored different areas. Emily had fun pretending to be a race car driver, engineer, dietician, scientist, farmer, and various other things.

There was also this huge climbing tower that was constructed of steel and wavy plexi-glass. Emily thought that was fabulous, and just after a few minutes of play, she had five other girls her age all following as she hollered, "Come on guys! This way!" Yes, well... we like to say Emily isn't bossy...she just has good leadership skills! The little girls all followed as Emily gave them each direction like a good leader should!

After many hours, it was time to return. Scott and I always enjoy driving around our state. It was a beautiful drive and was a wonderful day-trip. And a special thanks to Justin for the adorably cute shirts! :) This was the perfect day to dress the kids alike, and these cute tops were a perfect choice! Thanks!

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